about the band


Based in the burgeoning music scene of Roanoke, Virginia, Shorefire's sound is an original blend of rock, funk, and reggae music with a focus on memorable melodies and dance-able rhythms.


"Shorefire is one of the Chillage's favorite local bands, not just for their unique and laid-back style, but the classiness they bring to the show!"
- Carey Shaffner, Grandin Chillage
"I consider Shorefire to be one of the most promising acts in Southwestern Virginia today. Their fusion of reggae, rock, and funk along with their high energy stage presence is a consistent crowd pleaser!"
- Jason Martin, Martin's Downtown


John Beason / Drums, Vocals
Dan Carrell / Vocals, Guitar
Matt Tomlinson / Vocals, Guitar
Steele Whisnant / Bass, Vocals


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upcoming shows




Live at Martin's Downtown - January 6, 2017
Video by Joe Johnson

Live at Martin's Downtown - January 12, 2013
Video by Adam Thompson